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Are you Asking yourself if it’s time to get a professional water leak detection service to inspect your home? If you need assistance solving your water leak problems, than you need our plumbing water leak detection service. Erica’s Domestic plumbing & Restoration offers quick, exact same-day appointments for citizens of Boca Raton, FL to quickly address your plumbing related problems. Here are a few reasons to call us as quick as possible.


  • If you find your major appliances are leaking water, or your walls are leaking water
  • If you notice your toilets, drains, or showers are overflowing or clogged
  • If you experience a spike in your water bill higher than normal
  • If your toilets are clogged this is a common main water line problem
  • If your faucets are not working properly

Without proper service, these small issues can turn into a major problem, quickly. Contact us immediately if you notice any of these symptoms.




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Do you have water leaking from your walls?

There are many reasons that there is water leaking from your walls, or water leaking from your ceiling, or even water leaking from your toilet. The reason is a clogged drain pipe within your walls. The reason that your drain pipes could be clogged are from the buildup of many years of micro particles in the water, or anything from faulty plumbing, and the buildup of gunk inside of the pipes, or even something within the pipe is blocking the flow of water. Sometimes pipes in the ground can have tree roots obstructing the flow of water which than bursts the pipe and causes a leak in your walls.

In the 1970s polybutylene pipes were installed in homes all across the nation and within 20-30 years they start to leak within the entire home.

Other reasons for a clogged pipe can be from the presence of things that you wash down the drain, hair chemicals, buildup of hair particles, grease being poured down the kitchen sink and many other causes can cause the clogged pipes in your home.


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SIMPLY THE BEST from the phone call to set up the appointment to the completed job.

Great experience from start to finish. My insurance company had them come out to find a leak after another company spent 2 full days attempting to find said leak.

We had a toilet leak, and it caused water damage to the floor below. Our technician came out in no time, and was very helpful.

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