Having clogged drainage in your Delaware home is one of the things we cannot avoid in life. Once or twice the drains will clog and we should be ready to handle such problems. However, without the knowledge on how to do it the problem becomes a bigger one. There are several ways to tackle clogged drains depending on the severity. When this happens you will use the plumbing snake to help you get rid of the clog.What is a plumbing snake? How should I use it? Such questions are obvious to a person who has never used this tool. This tool is very useful but can also cause damage to the plumbing system in case it falls to the wrong hands. It is important to study the tool and know how to use the tool before one embarks to any drainage task.

Proper Ways of Using a Plumbing Snake

First, ensure that you are well protected. Since this is a dirty work, try to find some dirty clothes and lay some old towels around your workspace. Get some rubber boots and gloves before you embark on the process.

· Always start with the smallest snake and gradually move to larger snakes if you cannot clear the clog

· Hold the coiled end of the snake and directly place it on the clogged drain then turn the crank slowly clockwise advancing the snake. However, if the handle becomes hard to turn, reverse the crank, pull the snake out and clean it. Ensure that you have a trough or a bucket to help put any debris or dirt.

· Never forces the snake through its way. Always allow it to find its own path through the drain. Forcing the snake can damage the plumbing system.

· If you succeed to get the clog, do not use force. Gently try to use the snake to grab the clog and pull it out.

· Continue with the process till the drainage is clear.

Where you should not use Plumbing Snake

· On galvanized pipes-they are made of material that can flake inside. This can damage the whole plumbing system

· If you have used a commercial drain cleaner-commercial drain cleaners contain chemicals that are very dangerous. If the system was initially tried using this process then it is advisable not to use plumbing snake. Plumbing snake can cause chemicals to splash back up, this can injure you. Unless you know the process, it is better to have protective materials.