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Boca Raton Plumbers: Flawless Water Leak Detection Services

A concealed water leakage problem that remains unresolved and undetected might be causing bigger issues than what the visible symptoms might suggest. The leaking pipes might cause damage which can compromise your property’s structural integrity.

Making an attempt to identify water leakage in your property without making use of the most reliable methods might prove to be inconclusive, unreliable, and quite expensive in the long run. It can often damage your floors, walls or ceilings and you might need to remove or replace them within a short span of time.

Our experienced plumbers of Boca Raton will be able to handle any kind of water leakage without any problem at all. We comprehend that it can be extremely stressful to have a leak but it can be even more worrisome if you are not able to identify where the leakage is or the full extent of the issue. Our experts have a high success rate in the Boca Raton area where they have satisfied numerous clients over the years.

We are of the notion that our leakage detection service is the best way in the area to find and fix a leakage within an extremely short span of time and also in a hassle-free manner. We will assist you in figuring out why there is a spike in your water bill and we will tackle even the toughest leakages such as slab leaks, tree root intrusions, and hidden leaks.


Signs that you have got water leakage:

  • 1. Sound – Do you hear any sound of water running even while you are not using any water?
  • 2. Mildew – Is there any sign of mildew appearing? 
  • 3. High water bill – Is your water bill going up although you have not wasted much water?
  • 4. Foundation cracks – Are there any cracks forming in the flooring on walls?
  • 5. Hotspots or wet spots – Are there any wet spot, hot spot or discolored spots on the walls and floors which have appeared all of a sudden?
  • 6. Pump or water meter changes – It will be possible to understand that you have a leakage in case your pump or water meter indicates it. Wait for a couple of hours without using water and verify your meter once again. If the reading changes, it implies that you are suffering from a leakage. If you are using well water and have got a pump, listen to hear properly if the pump is running when you are using the water. If the pump runs, it indicates that you have got a leakage.

Unfortunately, most of the water leakages happen in areas where you will not be able to observe them. Concealed water leaks might result in significant water damage and can go unnoticed for a long time.

If there is any water leak in your yard or under the slab, your water bills will be high and you might start seeing the erosion of your sinkholes and property. A blockage can be caused by tree roots over there.


Types of our water leak detection services:


Our plumbers at Boca Raton are adept at providing the following types of detection and repair services for locating leakages, breaks, and obstructions.

  • 1. Thermal Imaging Infrared Kit: Here we will be using an infrared camera by which we will take quite a few photos of the pipes from various angles. Moisture is revealed by this technology for pinpointing the problem zone.
  • 2. Leak Correlation: We will be placing sensors at every end of the pipe to understand the time it requires for water to travel the entire distance which should help to identify the exact location of the leakage.
  • 3. Xmic: In this case, we will be using a sophisticated electronic ground microphone which should help to amplify the sound produced by water which is escaping from concealed supply pipes under pressure that will help us to detect the leak.
  • 4. Pipe repairs: While implementing this method, our plumbers will be cutting, drilling, or excavating into your wall or floor for exposing the leak.
  • 5. Meter testing: Our technicians in Boca Raton have been trained in reading water meters which should help to figure out whether there is any leakage at all. 

We are known to make use of top-quality equipment which makes our detection plus repair procedure extremely efficient and less time-consuming too.


Why go for Boca Raton plumbers?

Besides providing our flawless services, we are also adept at offering the highest level of client support over the years. From us, you can expect the following:

  • 1. Around-the-clock emergency plumbing service: As compared to our competitors on the market, we will not charge any extra fees for the after-hours services.
  • 2. We will guarantee total satisfaction: Our plumbers will do everything flawlessly so that you will never be dissatisfied with our work.
  • 3. Exceptional service: Customer satisfaction is our motto and we are committed to render quality service to each and every customer out there. We strive for perfection which is highlighted in every single project done by us. Apart from this, our employees are also quite friendly in their approach.
  • 4. No-hassle assurances: Being a reputed company, we take all the required measures for making our service perfect and will also not charge any additional fees for our services.

What can you expect from us?

• Dedicated customer support servic

• Aspect assurance on workmanship

• Around-the-clock availability for all trades

• Experienced and skillful technicians


We will not charge you for the following:

• Travel time or fuel

• Parking cost

• Congestion fees

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Do not allow any concealed leakage cost you a considerable amount of money in water damage. Our plumbers in Boca Raton have got the required experience and certification for getting the job done for you in an effective manner. If you have any doubts regarding our competence, please feel free to look at the online reviews most of which will speak highly of us. We will do everything for fixing your leakage and restoring your property or home so that it appears just like new. If you like to take our help please give us a call right now and we will be at your doorsteps in no time at all.

Our plumbers in Boca Raton have got the required experience and certification for getting the job done for you in an effective manner.

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